Cabspacemedia November 19, 2021

Matilde Jewellery

A geographically targetted electric Taxi advertising campaign.

Matilde Jewellery

MATILDE’s mission is to bring a sustainable alternative to the environmentally and socially harmful traditional jewellery industry, without compromising on the quality of product or design.
Matilde believe sustainable jewellery can be more accessible, so strive to continuously be as inclusive as we can. Striving for a change in the production process, using solely Lab-Grown Diamonds and 100% Recycled Gold. It is vital that the value of sustainability is maintained as much in the materials as in the employees’ work conditions, which is why MATILDE maintains a close relationship with both our suppliers and manufacturers, and ensure they share our values.
With this in mind MATILDE have decided to launch their latest campaign on Electric London taxis, to coincide with the opening of their store at 34 Great Windmill Street, W1.
Why not pop in and have a browse, and maybe come away with a gift or two for Christmas.

Electric Taxi Advertising London
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