Cabspacemedia May 3, 2022

Navos Technologies

Superside Taxi Advertising

Navos Technologies

Navos is a leading provider of digital transformation consulting services and support, they deliver reliable plans to help your organisation digitally transform. Cabspacemedia have worked in conjunction with Navos Technologies to bring their brand to life on the streets of London with a simple but sleek design. Superside Taxi advertising was the ideal format to promote the Navos brand, catching the eye of Londoners and creating brand exposure in some of the busiest areas of the city. Short to medium campaigns such as this can offer high impact impressions and can target specific areas. Navos have utilised this by making sure they are seen on the streets of London. Being seen not waiting to be seen. Navos are already receiving very positive feedback since their branded taxi campaign was launched and this just shows the impact taxi advertising can achieve. Get in touch and let us help you stand out from the crowd and get the exposure your brand deserves.

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