FULL WRAPS utilise the entire exterior body of the cab to display your brand.
Using complete creative license there really is no limit to what can be achieved.
Anything from a simple colour change to the most complex design or image, these can be replicated perfectly onto a full wrap taxi and will maximise your brand exposure.
Full wraps stand out from the crowd and are a perfect way to showcase your brand. They also have the added benefit of being seen from all angles.
Ideal for long term campaigns they can quite happily stand alone or be combined with Tip seats, Receipt pads and Rear windows.


SUPERSIDE TAXIS are a very cost effective option without compromising brand exposure.
Perfect for short to medium term campaigns they are ideal for large numbers of cabs offering high coverage of a city.
Both sides are covered the entire length of the taxi giving more than enough area for your creative to target a street level audience.
An affordable format offering high visibility, supersides can make a huge impact on your target audience.
These can also be combined with tip seats, receipts and rear windows or as a standalone format.


When considering how to approach your marketing campaign, it's important to remember that attention to detail can be key to achieving a positive return.
An exterior wrap can do an excellent job of reaching the attention of your target audience outside the cab, but inside the cab, tip seats can capture their attention.
Tip seats are highly visible to the passenger and with the average London taxi journey taking 25 minutes, this will allow them time to absorb the advert in a comfortable environment for the duration of their journey.
Clever advertising incorporating more detailed information on your brand can be taken in and with the vast majority of passengers carrying a smart phone – including a web address, QR codes or special offers in your creative, will generate instant interest in your brand.


RECEIPT PADS incorporating your branding are an extremely popular way of leaving a lasting impression on potential consumers.
Professional business people make up a large percentage of the taxi passenger population and they will ask the driver for a receipt.
Including QR codes, web addresses and offers, receipt pads are an affordable addition to a campaign and are also a take home souvenir of your brand.


Rear window adverts are a highly effective format, having the capacity to reach other motorists and pedestrians.
Being the ideal height at eye level they are extremely hard to miss and are a valuable asset to a campaign, or equally as a standalone advertising option.
Using a two way contra-vision vinyl allowing the driver to see out, but not impairing the solidity of your design, rear window adverts can add that little bit extra to your campaign.