About Us

As one of the U.Ks most experienced taxi advertisers, Cabspacemedia have been at the forefront of taxi advertising for over 20 years.
We have been at the heart of this extremely ' cost effective ' sector, watching it grow from it's infancy with 'single door' adverts to the high impact 'full wraps' that are synonymous with taxi advertising today.

We are immensely proud to have been an integral part of the huge developments taxi advertising has made over the years. Today we continue to help it grow by pushing boundaries with new innovative ideas.

Having gained invaluable experience, we have a proven record of delivering high impact, visually striking and most importantly, effective advertising campaigns.

We bring something different to the advertising world - Experience, passion, and honesty.

Cabspacemedia has steadily grown over the years and we have the ability to build and deliver marketing campaigns that won't be beaten.

We continue to push boundaries with new refreshing ideas and are content in the knowledge that we can deliver an unrivalled taxi advertising experience.

We at Cabspacemedia provide high impact, cost effective advertising that continues to turn heads and engage target audiences. Leaving a lasting impression that other forms of advertising fail to reach.

All of us at Cabspacemedia have an unrivalled passion for taxi advertising and that helps us create marketing campaigns that sets us apart from the competition.