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Taxi Advertising Costs

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Taxi Advertising Costs

What are the cost variables in a taxi advertising campaign?

We plan, schedule, buy and closely monitor your campaigns, to make sure you receive the highest returns possible for your investment. We have been planning Taxi advertising campaigns for over 20 years so you are assured of the best rates and the most effective campaigns from Cabspacemedia.

Every campaign is tailored to the individual clients requirement’s there is no one size fits all. The costs for a Taxi advertising campaign depends on 6 main variables:

  • Campaign Weight
    Campaign weight refers to the number of taxis you want to carry your marketing messages. We build campaigns of all sizes from single taxis for a specific location through to several hundred covering the entire United Kingdom. Our expertise and advice will ensure that you get the perfect weight of campaign to ensure maximum exposure for minimum spend.
  • Campaign Duration
    The campaign duration can range from a couple of weeks through to 6 months or a year. The campaign length will obviously impact the cost with a lower weekly cost for longer campaigns.
  • Taxi Advertising Format
    We offer a complete range of formats both inside the taxi with branded receipt pads and tip seats through to high impact superside and full wrap or livered taxis.

    More info on Taxi Advertising Formats HERE

  • Campaign Location
    We deliver campaigns throughout the United Kingdom, prices in the major cities are reasonably uniformed with variations for small towns and cities.

    See locations serviced HERE

  • Use of additional PR
    Utilising your branded taxi for PR is an effective way of really driving home your message at a specific market. So, if you have VIP guests or looking to target a specific venue at a certain time we can arrange for any number of vehicles to communicate your message in style.
  • Design Services
    A vital part of any Taxi campaign is having an impactful and memorable message. If you are unsure about your campaign creative talk to our team of experienced graphic designers and let us come up with your campaign. Our team are used to working within design brand parameters to ensure consistency of look and feel with other media.
Taxi Wrap
Inkey List TXe - Full Taxi Wrap
Western Oriental Superside Taxi
Western Oriental Superside Taxi
Hirsh Interior Tip Seats - Taxi advertising by Cabspacemedia
Hirsh Interior Tip Seats
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