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Why Taxi Advertising?

Highly visible, targeted and effective mobile campaigns

Why Taxi Advertising
Why taxis? You ask. Where do we begin?

There are over 20,000 Hackney carriage taxis in London alone. The space available on these is fast becoming the No 1 advertising tool, for an ever increasing number of companies.

Once branded, the iconic black taxi, recognised throughout the world, is transformed into the ultimate moving billboard turning heads and catching the eye everywhere it travels.

Always on the move, rarely standing still and broadcasting messages to millions of potential consumers. Never failing to get noticed.
Taxi advertising serves as a very cost-effective marketing solution, compared to most other forms of mainstream advertising and is extremely flexible. As it is not restricted to where it is seen, taxis are an ideal advertising platform for your brand.

Taxis can also target specific areas such as, airports, train stations, shopping centres, theatres and so on. Sending messages to business people, tourists, motorists and shoppers.

Even just one branded taxi will be seen over a million times in just one week. This creates millions of impressions on potential consumers with its bold designs, colourful images and messages. Keeping you streets ahead of the competition, literally.
With the average London taxi journey taking 25 minutes, internal taxi advertising can do a fantastic job of capturing the attention of passengers inside the cab. This gives more than enough time to influence consumers with messages, contact details or more detailed information about your brand.

Taxi advertising is unique and sets itself apart from other forms of marketing, it cannot be beaten for its value for money, highly visible, effective mobile campaigns. Targeting the busiest areas influencing commuters, pedestrians, motorists, shoppers and tourists.
It stands out from the crowd and is a perfect way to promote your brand.

  • Seen 75 million times

    Each year a wrapped taxi will be seen over 75 MILLION times.

  • Each taxi travels 126 miles each day

    The average London taxi travels 126 miles each day mainly concentrated in CITY CENTRES, AIRPORTS, SHOPPING DISTRICTS, THEATRE LAND and the WEST END. This is where the vast majority of TARGET AUDIENCE will be.

  • Be seen - not waiting to be seen

    Branded taxis are essentially a 24/7 MOBILE BILLBOARD projecting brands to the masses. BEING SEEN – NOT WAITING TO BE SEEN.

  • Cost Effective

    Taxi advertising is a very COST EFFECTIVE marketing solution compared to other forms of mainstream advertising.

  • Reaches 66% of Londoners daily

    66% of Londoners notice Taxi advertising on a daily basis.

  • Leaves a lasting impression

    Taxi advertising creates extremely HIGH IMPACT marketing at street level and literally turns heads, leaving a lasting impression on potential consumers.

  • Iconic and world famous figure

    The ICONIC figure of a London taxi is famous throughout the world – demanding unprecedented attention from tourists especially once branded.

  • Never fail to get noticed

    Being the ideal height at EYE LEVEL, branded taxis never fail to get noticed, giving the ability to reach a mass audience.

  • Gives blanket coverage of a city

    Taxis are not pre-defined by a set route, unlike other forms of mobile media, enabling brands to be given a BLANKET COVERAGE of the city.

  • Repeat form of marketing

    Clients repeatedly use this unique form of marketing year on year proving TAXI ADVERTISING REALLY DOES WORK.

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