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Eye-catching taxi advertising designs

Taxi Advertising Services - Design

Our design team have over 20 years of experience in creating eye-catching taxi advertising campaigns to maximise exposure.
Experts in their field, they are just as happy to design a campaign from scratch or help to refine an existing creative.
Many clients come to us with a design already complete, but our expert designers can help tailor something that will most certainly ‘stand out from the crowd’ and create ‘maximum impact’ on your target audience.
So whether you already have your design in place or just need a little help creating something special, our team are more than happy to assist you in achieving the most from your taxi advertising campaign in whatever format you require.

PR - events, photoshoots and VIP transport

DON'T BE SHY -Your campaign doesn't end once your taxis have been branded. Impress even further by arranging some PR events to really show them off. We can help with the following:
Don't forget your drivers.


As we all know (and they would be the first to admit this) taxi drivers love to talk.
Make the most of this by educating our outstanding network of drivers on your brand.
They can be briefed on your products to ensure that they can serve as informative emissaries, keeping passengers talking about your company and extending your campaign even further.

They can even help with product handouts if needed.
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