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Cabspacemedia is a London based company, providing comprehensive taxi advertising services in London and throughout the U.K.

Over 20 years experience

Our dedicated and professional team have well over 20 years industry experience and have personally overseen hundreds of campaigns, stretching right back to the very early days of taxi advertising. Above all we take immense pride in creating high impact, visually striking and most importantly- effective marketing campaigns.

Wraps incorporating unique designs, images and messages on an iconic London taxi not only demand attention, but leave a lasting impression amongst consumers. Consequently, Taxi advertising has become increasingly popular, with more brands realising the huge potential this form of outdoor media can offer.

The bespoke marketing campaigns that we provide are crafted with an unrivalled passion and attention to detail that our clients crave. Laying the foundations for successful, long term business relationships with top brands spanning multiple industries.

Attention to detail

To ensure that our taxi advertising campaigns are of a premium quality, we only use materials of the highest standard, state of the art technology, and a highly experienced installation team.

As a result, you can be confident that your taxis will look outstanding, not just in the short term, but throughout the whole duration of your campaign, as we check each taxi regularly to ensure they are in optimum condition.

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Black cabs offer significant COVID safety

Cabspacemedia working in conjunction with London Taxi PR have helped launch an important nationwide advertising campaign to promote the significant safety advantages that Black Cabs inherently provide in these worrying COVID times.


High impact precisely targeted brand awareness



Why Taxi Advertising
  • There are over 20,000 Hackney carriage taxis in London alone.
  • The space available on these is fast becoming the No 1 advertising tool, for an ever increasing number of companies.
  • The iconic black taxi is transformed into the ultimate moving billboard turning heads and catching the eye everywhere it travels.
Taxi Advertising

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