We are delighted to announce the launch of a unique taxi advertising campaign by book publisher Scholastic.
Creating maximum impact to coincide with the launch of Liz Pichon’s latest ‘Tom Gates’ book ‘Family friends and furry creatures’, the taxi has had it’s bonnet and roof wrapped in a bright purple fur. The remainder of the taxi was then wrapped in a striking ‘Tom Gates’ book cover design.
Turning plenty of heads and exciting children across London, Scholastic decided to make the most of their campaign by using the taxi for PR over two days, with the famous Liz Pichon on board.
Liz visited numerous schools in and around the capital and handed out signed copies of her books to very excited children, with the added bonus of seeing her turn up in a ‘Tom Gates’ taxi.

Scholastic have been an absolute pleasure to work with on this unique project, in particular Roisin and Lorraine, and we were more than happy to help them bring the latest ‘Tom Gates’ book to life.
Although it has been a challenge we take enormous satisfaction that everything went so smoothly and we are sure that the remainder of the campaign will continue to turn heads and be a complete success.

We look forward to working with Scholastic again.

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“The taxis really do look great and they will ‘stand out from the crowd’ so keep a look out for these over the coming months.